Denial of Death

Warriors of Steel (reminder)

Abbracciate la grandezza orchestrale del nuovo singolo dei Denial of Death, “Warriors of Steel”. Una miscela armoniosa di influenze gotiche e Black Metal vecchia scuola, questo singolo promette un viaggio sinfonico unico. Immergetevi negli echi fragorosi di “Warriors of Steel”, l’ultimo singolo dei maestri tedeschi del Black Metal orchestrale, i Denial of Death. Questo singolo autoprodotto, in uscita il 31 luglio 2023, si spinge oltre i confini del genere, intrecciando influenze gotiche e Black Metal vecchia scuola.

“Warriors of Steel” marks Denial of Death’s most epic release to date, presenting an enriched symphony of orchestral instruments and choirs reminiscent of bands from the 1990’s like Tristania. The lyrics delve into the themes of war, medieval times, resistance, and self-overcoming, underpinned by the haunting yet powerful vocal and instrumental prowess of the band.For fans of Dimmu Borgir, Rotting Christ, Satyricon, and Tristania, “Warriors of Steel” serves as a captivating testament to Denial of Death’s innovative approach to music. Recorded, mixed, and mastered in Nuremberg, Germany, the single will satisfy lovers of the genre looking for an expansive, immersive musical experience.

Denial of Death
Warriors of Steel

Haereticus – Vocals, keyboards
Julio Cezar – Rhythm guitar
Susie Merz – Lead guitar
Julian Roos – Bass
Olethros – Drums