Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin

New music video Suspiria (Mater Suspiriorum)

Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin just announced the release of their brand new music video for “Suspiria (Mater Suspiriorum).” The track is featured on the Suspiria Prog Rock Version album (2022) to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Dario Argento’s iconic movie. The visually captivating video is directed by the legendary Sergio Stivaletti.

The mesmerizing new music video can be viewed on YouTube at or by visiting the band’s official website at

Band Lineup:
Claudio Simonetti – Keyboards
Daniele Amador – Guitar
Cecilia Nappo – Bass
Federico Maragoni – Drums

Featuring the talented Lina Gervasi on Theremin
The band extends their heartfelt thanks to all the individuals behind the scenes who contributed to bringing this remarkable project to life.