Darian and Friends

New Song! (Dario Beretta guitarist of Drakkar and Crimson Dawn)

With the help of an array of metal and rock musicians from around the world, Dario is working on a full-lenght album which will be released in 2022.

“Darian and Friends” is a charity musical project created by Dario Beretta, guitarist of Drakkar and Crimson Dawn.

Here you have the first single, where Dario is joined by Ty Christian (Lords of the Trident), Kristian Niemann (Sorcerer), Simone Pesenti Gritti (Drakkar) and Michele Sanna (Sunstorm). The song has been mixed and mastered by Mattia Stancioiu at Elnor Studio.

All profits from the album will be donated to research against Leukemia. Leukemia is an aggressive blood cancer that causes more than 300.000 deaths per year and is very common among children. Dario said: “I always wanted to do something to help research finally find a cure against this terrible disease that, among others, also claimed a close friend of mine when we were just 19 years old. This project is my dedication to him and his strength of character, and a chance to try and do some good in a world which is looking worse and worse every day. I was lucky to have made quite a few friends over the 26 years I’ve been active in the metal underground, and they answered the call, which makes me proud. However, we also need support from you – the fans! So please share this as much as possible! Details about the release of the album and the ways to support our chosen charity will follow later. Keep in touch and help us fight for a better chance for the millions of people who struggle with this disease every day – and enjoy some cool music in doing so!”

Follow Darian’s artist page on Facebook –www.facebook.com/darianmetalhead – for updates on the project.

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